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Lectures and Practicals for developing in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine C++, A Beginners 101

In this series I will be taking you through how to get started using C++ for the Unreal Engine. The course is split into theory first, and then two practical demonstrations, with a small interlude in the middle to cover some quick tips and potential areas of problems. The series is going to explain everything and assumes no prior knowledge to C++ for Unreal.

Building Perceptive AI in Unreal Engine

In this series I will be showing how to set up two different AI designs, one for a shooter experience, and one for a RPG style AI. We will cover blackboard and behaviour trees, EQS queries, and the AI perception component using sight, sound and damage stimuli. The Shooter example will be a longer, slower example where we will explain everything as we go, and it will use sight and sound to give it elements of stealth AI, along with a working shooting system driven by the AI controller and it's behaviour tree. The Magic AI example will be a more concise, straight to the point demonstration of a different way of working compared to the shooter example, and we will utilise sight and damage stimuli to make a reactionary AI who is able to heal, cast spells, and teleport away from the user using a EQS query. This series also includes a large overview of the EQS system and how to many of the tests work.

Unreal 4 Material Shaders - All You Need to Get Started

In this series I will be taking you with the setup of a large number of different materials to teach you how to utilise the Unreal 4 material system in a practical way. We will start with some theory on how to use the material UI, the PBR workflow, and addons to the system such as layers and material functions. Then we will move into practical demonstrations, creating new materials each video to cover as many different elements and designs as we can. Across the series we will look at - Opaque Translucent Masked Light Functions Deferred Decals We will not be exploring UI, Post Process, Volume or Skin shaders in this series as those fall into a more advanced category

Using JSON In Unreal Engine 4 - C++

In this course, we will be looking at how to utilise Unreal's Json implementation to create your own Json files for use in your project. Json is a great method for storing certain data types for all manner of projects, such as pipelines, game data, configs, and more. This course will be written in C++ using Unreal Engine 4.22, however it should apply to previous engine iterations fine, as the library has not changed in some time. After completing this series you should be able to write your own Json systems for your project, build a nice framework from which to automate the process, and be confident in how to approach your json I/O operations.

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