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Hex Grids

Hex Grids is a C++ plugin that makes working with hexagon grids easy. All core functionality is written in C++ for maximum performance, and almost all functions are exposed to blueprint via function libraries.

Four maps explain how to use the plugin with many examples, and all blueprints are well commented for easy understanding.

If you want a quick grid without any fuss, just add a HexGridPreset component, give it a instance component, and you're good to go. If you want to build a complex and powerful gameplay grid, you’re covered too, the plugin provides a solid framework to build complex setups.

Spline Sweeper

The sweep component allows you to quickly generate spline meshes to sweep the given spline. Its not meant to be a complex system for special game logic, rather this is for when you just want to mesh a spline quickly and without effort.

Just one node is required to call the sweep functionality, and it can run in construction script or at runtime. The mesh cleans itself on each run, so it's fine to call on tick as well, so long as your spline isn't too complex.

This pack comes with a set of profiles to sweep, but you can add your own easily, they are just 1cm2 meshes with a number of subdivisions to increase smoothness during deformation.

In Game Log Display

If your like me, you love developing in VR, but really dislike having to take the headset off to check the log, or squinting at the in-game console, this may be the plugin for you. In response to this frustration, here is the VR Log.

The VR Log / Blueprint exposed log is a C++ plugin that exposes the system output log to blueprint, and uses a interactive 3D widget to visualise the log.

The log supports the system log, and blueprint messages. There's no special nodes required, no changes to your workflow, just use print strings as normal. This plugin taps directly into the GLog and pipes the output to blueprints.

Python Scripts Collection Menu

This plugin adds a scripts drop down menu to the unreal editor, allowing you to execute previously made python scripts from one place without having to manually find them each time or relying on the scripts history to still remember your scripts.

Sacks (Asset Pack)

This pack contains 4 physically accurate burlap sacks, originally created with a cloth simulation to achieve a fully realistic look and baked down to a static mesh for performance.

Dynamic Switching PS4/Xbox/PC Icon Pack - 110 Light Themed Icons

A set of PC, Xbox One and PS4 Icons in a minimalist Light Theme. Icons are 128px.

This packs auto switch frame detects the currently active device (Based on the last input received), and updates the icons accordingly. So it will quickly jump between Xbox and keyboard when on a PC, and on a console can detect between PS4 or Xbox, and the framework is easily expandable to add other consoles.

Ultimate RTS Camera

The Ultimate RTS Camera is a full featured camera system for RTS style games. It supports dynamic detection between keyboard and gamepad, with fully support for each.

It also includes mobile support, including drag, pinch and zoom, and 2 finger rotate.

The system stems from a character and is fully replicated. The focus for this project was smooth clean movements, with nice interpolations between any input or jumps.

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