Welcome to the Hex Grids Support Page

This page is currently in progress and will be updated shortly.

For Live support, I have made a new Discord channel for any questions you may have. You can find it here – https://discord.gg/TMzNaRY

There is also a simple API generated with the Kantan DocGen. The API can be found at http://aperture9.com/HexGrids/API/

(If you’re curious about the Kantan DocGen tool, take a look here http://kantandev.com/free/kantan-doc-gen)

The Promo video can be viewed at: Promo Video



Q: My grid is has slightly irregular spacing

A: When you scale and offset, by using the return value, you are getting the value that is rounded, and this can cause some inconsistency. The easy solution is to use the precise value as your location rather than the return, this is a vector2D and not rounded, so it gives perfect spacing across the board.